Reason = profile limit idle_time

Enabling limit time for idle sessions is also a good solution to manage blocking sessions with IDLE status, when the status of source blocking session is IDLE status, then activating profile limit “idle_time” is a good solution.

Step 1: Change IDLE_TIME to a fixed value (2 minutes):

SQL> alter profile default limit IDLE_TIME 2;

Step 2: Create an example of Lock:

Session N°1:

SQL> update employees set salary = salary+11 where employee_id=200;

SQL> select systimestamp from dual;
16-OCT-23 AM +06:00

Session N°2:

SQL> update employees set salary = salary+110 where employee_id=200;

Step 3: After 2 Minutes in the same session N°1:

SQL> /
select systimestamp from dual
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-02396: exceeded maximum idle time, please connect again

Note: in the alert file:

 KILL SESSION for sid=(56, 25640):
   Reason = profile limit idle_time
   Requestor = PMON (orapid = 2, ospid = 17870, inst = 1)
   Owner = Process: USER (orapid = 98, ospid = 21556)
   Result = ORA-0


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