Create our first 23c instance: FREE

After installing our RPM packages for 23c Oracle database, we are going to create our first Instance named FREE

The configuration file: oracle-free-23c.conf

# cat  /etc/sysconfig/oracle-free-23c.conf
This is a configuration file to setup the Oracle Database.
It is used when running '/etc/init.d/oracle-free-23c configure'.
LISTENER PORT used Database listener, Leave empty for automatic port assignment
Character set of the database
Database file directory
If not specified, database files are stored under Oracle base/oradata
DB Domain name
SKIP Validations, memory, space

We need to specify the Listener port and the character set and destination of Oracle data files.

# /etc/init.d/oracle-free-23c configure
Specify a password to be used for database accounts. Oracle recommends that the password entered should be at least 8 characters in length, contain at least 1 uppercase character, 1 lower case character and 1 digit [0-9]. Note that the same password will be used for SYS, SYSTEM and PDBADMIN accounts:
Confirm the password:
Configuring Oracle Listener.
Listener configuration succeeded.
Configuring Oracle Database FREE.
Enter SYS user password:

Enter SYSTEM user password:

Enter PDBADMIN User Password:

Prepare for db operation
7% complete
Copying database files
29% complete
Creating and starting Oracle instance
30% complete
33% complete
36% complete
39% complete
43% complete
Completing Database Creation
47% complete
49% complete
50% complete
Creating Pluggable Databases
54% complete
71% complete
Executing Post Configuration Actions
93% complete
Running Custom Scripts
100% complete
Database creation complete. For details check the logfiles at:
Database Information:
Global Database Name:FREE
System Identifier(SID):FREE
Look at the log file "/opt/oracle/cfgtoollogs/dbca/FREE/FREE.log" for further details.
Connect to Oracle Database using one of the connect strings:
Pluggable database: ol19u18/FREEPDB1
Multitenant container database: ol19u18
[root@ol19u18 ~]#

Note: Specify your common PASSWORD.

Note: After the creation we have:

  • Database container name: FREE

Enjoy you PDB database.

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