CRS-6706: After Grid Infrastructure upgrade from 19.3 to 19.12

After the upgrade of the patches 32895426, we have this errors while starting the Cluster-ware CRS.

  • Patch 32895426 – GI Release Update

The error:

[root@host01 32904851]# crsctl start crs
CRS-6706: Oracle Clusterware Release patch level ('3998055650') does not match Software patch level ('724960844'). Oracle Clusterware cannot be started.
CRS-4000: Command Start failed, or completed with errors.


[root@host01 ~]#  $ORACLE_HOME/bin/clscfg -localpatch
clscfg: EXISTING configuration version 0 detected.
Creating OCR keys for user 'root', privgrp 'root'..
Operation successful.
[root@host01 ~]# $ORACLE_HOME/crs/install/ -lock
Using configuration parameter file: /u01/app/grid/product/19c/dbhome_1/crs/install/crsconfig_params
The log of current session can be found at:
2021/10/29 13:18:33 CLSRSC-329: Replacing Clusterware entries in file 'oracle-ohasd.service'


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