Unplug a pluggable database 12cR2 using DBCA

This article explains how to create an Oracle Pluggable database from PDB SEED with Oracle database 12cR2 ( using the dbca tool.

Table of Contents:

  1. Check current status PDBs
  2. Unplug the PDB.

1. Check current status PDBs:

We are going to unplug the Pluggable database wadhahpdb:

a. Step 1: We are going to use the DBCA.

b. Step 2: Unplug a  Pluggable database

c. Step 3: Select the source Container database that has the PDB

d. Step 4: Select the PDB name that will be unplugged.

Note: You can choose a other destination other than the default.

e. Step 5: Summary.

f. Step 6: Progress of the unplug.

g. Step 7: The Pluggable database has been unplugged.


This article explains how to Unplug an Oracle Pluggable database using DBCA with Oracle database 12cR2 (


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